Special Performances

Drumming Perfomance

Unleashing the power of drums

Drumming Performance

Our drummers will present the performance in sync which will emanate a loud and thunderous effect which in turn sets the audiences adrenaline rush pumping. We have drum sets of auspicious even numbers for your event.

Fully performed by our youth team, be awed by their energetic moves on our festive drums!

This performance is highly sought after for events such as Grand Openings and Stage Performances. This exclusive drumming production and the exaggerated moves during drumming by the performers will get audience adrenaline rushing without a doubt!

Suitable For: • Opening Ceremonies • Corporate Events and more

Big Flag Perfomance

Captivating Audiences with its appearance

Big Flag Performance

The large flags, often several meters long, create an impressive spectacle as they are waved and twirled through the air. The size and movement of the flags capture the audience’s attention and add a dramatic flair to the festivities.

Suitable For: • Opening Ceremonies • Corporate Events and more


Captivates your heart

Mascot of the Year

The God of Fortune mascot will be decked in our Traditional Garment along with beautified facial appearances. The mascot will mingle with the audiences by going around distributing items of prosperous meanings to the audiences. These items symbolize prosperity throughout the year.

Suitable For: • Opening Ceremonies • Corporate Events and more