Traditional Lion Dance

Having a lion dance to bless the business means bringing success and longevity to the establishment. It is said to improve the professional relationship and coordination between workers. Lion dance in a corporate event fuels up the environment with positivity and good vibes. It drives away all the gloominess from the event and fills the atmosphere with good spirits and joy.

L.E.D Lion Dance

The L.E.D lion adds an element of illumination to the overall dance performance. The L.E.D lions are decorated meticulously with L.E.D lights. The lions will perform the harvesting of green (Cai Qing Performance). At the start of the performance, auspicious fruits or vegetables will be placed on the red tray provided. During the performance, the lions will present to the audience / VIP a special scroll / lucky numbers in lieu of the occasion. Exciting scenes such as watching the lion dancers stacking atop each other carry out the stunts awaits.

Lion Dance on High pole

Watch in anticipation as our lions leap and dance on poles as high as 1.5 / 2m. This stunt tests the skills and the accuracy of the performers so hold your breath and watch what happens!

Most suitable for celebrations such as weddings, our special double happiness lions are customised to be used for this specific occasion. This pair of lions are meant to wish the newlywed a blissful marriage. The performance put up by our pair of lions will definitely give all guests a memorable surprise!

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