About Us

Welcome to the official website of Singapore Jin Ann Sports Association. Our association was established in October 2012 to primarily promote and cultivate the traditional cultural arts of dragon and lion dancing. We have been actively in various events such as public performances as well as competitions held locally and overseas since our inauguration.

Over the years, Singapore Jin Ann Sports Association had gained exposure from the various event engagements we have graced with our utmost professionalism.

We are proud to affirm that we have spread this olden tradition across various walks of life. Members of ours hail from various diversities and many join us specially to learn more about this engaging sport. Our members are dedicated to the sport and through it; they are educated with the Chinese traditional culture. Dragon and lion dance is a traditional sport comprising of strong teamwork and dedicated training.

Through this bonding, members would then benefit from a healthy, active lifestyle and in turn develop and hone their current existing set of skills along the way.

2018 Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championship (Traditional Preliminary)


2017 The 6TH World Dragon And Lion Dance Championship @ CHINA SHANGHAI (Luminous Dragon)


2015 Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championship (Traditional Girl's Team)